"L'Uccello" residential complex, designed by Krug in Miami - WoodN sunshades

WoodN enhances the exclusive “L’Uccello” residential complex, designed by Krug in Miami

The architect, who is specialized in eco-sustainable projects, selected WoodN brushed sunshades in the Cuba shade to enhance the project’s great aesthetic and constructive value.


In the heart of Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, architect Richard Fierro Krug created an impressive and fascinating prestigious residential complex. Featuring 6 apartments spread over 3 floors, “L’Uccello” enlivens the landscape of the entire Bird Avenue: an area of great appeal, just a stone’s throw from the boats, restaurants and gleaming shops set against Downtown Miami and the Brickell Skyline. In order to give the building an even more iconic style, Krug relied on WoodN sunscreens.

Krug, a LEED-accredited designer specialized in eco-sustainable construction development, selected our JF7040 profile in the brushed Cuba shade to clad the entire façade, including sunshades, handrails and parapets. Nearly 3,000 sqm of profiles, designed with inner aluminum reinforcements and WoodN end caps to cover the visible ends, were used in order to meet structural and safety requirements.

Lastly, the striking focus on aesthetics adopted by Krug is also conveyed through the clean lines of the miter cuts. This feature is made possible thanks to the inner aluminum supports specially designed by WoodN Industries, to achieve an impeccable alignment of 90° angles.

WoodN parapets and sunshades, in their various shapes and sizes, are becoming increasingly popular in Florida. And the reason lies in their truly unique technical features. WoodN materials combine lightness, durability and excellent resistance to marine climates (specifically suited to counteracting the effects of humidity, salt damage and exposure to sunlight).


WoodN sunshades - L'Uccello residential complex, designed by Krug in Miami