WoodN Industries - Test NFPA 268 - Q20410 profile - U.S. fire reaction - reazione al fuoco - 3

WoodN Industries passes U.S. fire reaction tests

The assembly of WoodN Industries Q20410 cladding has obtained the American NFPA 268 certification on the fire reaction. A prestigious result, which further highlights the unique performance of WoodN Industries profiles.


In the U.S., you don’t mess with fire. Especially when it comes to domestic fires which, from East to West Coast, accounted for 35% of all fires in 2020. A percentage that corresponds to 490,500 fires and damages of over 12 billion dollars, in addition to the uncommentable figures of 2,730 deaths and 13,000 injuries among civilians. Unfortunately, when compared to 1980, the scores for 2020 have not improved: 30 years ago, 1,000 house fires in the US caused an average of 7.1 deaths; today, the threshold has risen slightly to 7.2.

In short, there is still a long way to go, especially from a prevention point of view. The NFPA plays a leading role in this field. In the States, the National Fire Protection Association is a fundamental resource offering information and education on the risks related to fire and electricity. The NFPA also confers some of the main certifications on the fire reaction times of various building materials: it does so through rigorous and capillary tests, wherein every component of the materials is thoroughly examined.

The NFPA 268, one of the various certifications, is particularly noteworthy. It is obtained by passing the standard test that establishes the degree of flammability of the façade cladding with the use of a radiant heat source. In other words, the tests allow us to understand the materials’ actual fire-spreading ability.

WoodN Industries responded to market needs by submitting the assembly of its Q20410 profile, in the test product configuration, to the NFPA 268 test and was awarded the certification by the same name. A prestigious result, which confirms the winning and exclusive qualities of WoodN Industries solutions.

Acclaimed the world over, WoodN Industries claddings guarantee resistance to parasites, lightness, impermeability, are formaldehyde-free and provide dimensional stability even in the event of hurricanes. And, thanks to the NFPA 268 test, they guarantee complete reliability in the event of fire. Fire can be a lethal enemy and, to fight it and win, you can’t cut corners when it comes to safety.


WoodN Industries - Test NFPA 268 - Q20410 profile - U.S. fire reaction - reazione al fuoco - 2