Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj is covered with WoodN material

WoodN industries materials are in the “GREENITOP” database

WoodN and Greenwood materials have been added to the “GREENiTOP” database, an award earned thanks to WoodN Industries’ ecological and eco-sustainable commitment.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely applied green building certification in the world. This protocol has been used since 1993 for the certification of buildings that are considered “green”, i.e. those that respect the environmental sustainability values that guarantee their ecological footprint.

The LEED protocol was introduced in Italy in 2009 (in the US in 1998) and is now used as an effective tool to identify projects and buildings completed in observance of ecological and eco-sustainable values. In order for a building to be certified as “LEED”, it is first mapped on the basis of its construction characteristics, its energy performance levels and the materials used for its realization.

In Italy, the products reflecting these environmental requirements are added to the GREENiTOP database, a useful tool for architectural firms, designers and project managers, as it offers support when selecting LEED-compliant products.

The WoodN Industries products, WoodN, Greenwood and Plug&Play are now featured in the GREENiTOP database and can therefore be used in the construction of certified eco-sustainable buildings.

WoodN, the FSC and PVC wood-based composite material.

Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj is covered with WoodN material, GREENiTOP certified


WoodN materials are light and resistant, suitable for vertical surfaces and offering a versatile selection of shapes and colours. The Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj is the best example of what can be achieved with WoodN products, by installing the Versatilis, Modulatus and Aeternus lines, even in a seaside environment, exposed to harsh weather conditions and salty air. 

GREENWOOD, a solution for ecological issues related to the use of wood.

Il rivestimento Greenwood si inserisce perfettamente nel contesto delle piscine delle Terme di Comano


Greenwood is a solid technical material composed of recycled wood flour and a polyolefin ecological plastic component ensuring both its protection and impermeability. Its suitability for flat surfaces/ horizontal applications, such as poolside terraces and covering areas, is a clearly shown at the Comano Thermal Baths project designed in collaboration with Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti (Studio Bianchetti Architettura). This project has been also awarded  the prize for the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Award 2019, the prestigious international award for the innovation and sustainability of swimming pool and wellness architecture. This project has been also included in the “100 Progetti Italiani” volume, a magazine dedicated to the collection of Italian-made projects by Italian architects and designers.

PLUG&PLAY, comfort and energy efficiency through thermal radiation.

Albanya Observatory's seats are heated up with Plug&Play material, GREENiTOP certified


By creating a pleasant sense of wellbeing and a warm and comfortable environment, the Plug&Play represents the perfect choice for spaces such as SPA’s, restaurants and dehors. But it’s also the best solution for exteriors/ outdoors, where the resistance of the Greenwood material is combined with heat for an extra-comfortable effect, even at low temperatures. A great realization of this, is the project of Albanya observatory, where all seats of the rigorously open-air amphitheatre are effectively heated with Plug&Play system.

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