Sustainability - sostenibilità - WoodN Industries

WoodN Industries has sustainability written all over it: when aesthetics and functionality are green

Every single WoodN Industries solution is designed and created to be effective also – and above all – as regards environmental sustainability. Always.


In an era when greenwashing has become increasingly prevalent, there are still brands that have never stooped to compromise on sustainability. WoodN Industries is one of them. And it has been demonstrating this for years, proving its green commitment through its products, through the raw materials used and through the certifications it has obtained.

WoodN Industries finished products are completely recyclable within the production cycle: in fact, they are composed of recycled material, made from FSC/PEFC-certified select wood swarf. Both trademarks certify that the wood originates from forests managed in compliance with rigorous environmental, economic and social standards.

Even Greenwood composite wood stands out on account of its sustainability: made from 75% raw wood flour – select PEFC-certified wood swarf – and about 25% polypropylene.

The environmental benefits of using wood swarf from sawmills as a raw material to obtain Greenwood materials are easily quantifiable: in fact, this uniqueness leads to a reduction of 13.9 kg of CO2 eq for each m3 of decking produced.

However, the issue may be approached from another more fascinating perspective. According to the Agenzia Provinciale per l’Energia (Provincial Energy Agency) in Udine, a tree absorbs an average of 20 kg of CO2 per year, for a total of about 700 kg over its entire life cycle. According to this data, it may be inferred that the production of 1000 m3 of Greenwood decking – from sawmill swarf – saves the lives of about 700 trees every year. A surprising figure, but one that does justice to the commitment of WoodN Industries to sustainability.

Hence, sustainability is not simply a pillar that WoodN Industries has built its vision on. Rather, it is the core value that our brand has consolidated its international prestige around.


Sustainability - sostenibilità - WoodN Industries