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WoodN Industries sunshades redesign the Milan skyline

In 2015, over 20 km of WoodN Industries sunshades were installed to enhance the residential complex in via Piranesi.


Milan is universally known for the Duomo, the Scala, the fashion district, the Last Supper, the Castle and other tourist attractions found in its center. But its true nature does not end at the perimeter of the Inner Ring Road. Moving towards the outskirts of the city, surprising languages of urban design unveil before our eyes. One such case is the recent residential complex in via Piranesi, in the eastern Zona delle Regioni. An example that, once more, features exclusive WoodN Industries sunshades.

Designed by Beretta Associati Srl Studio, the complex consists of 3 10-floor high-end residential buildings, featuring an inner park. The sheer architectural luxury, which was the designers’ goal, is clearly evident at first glance: an excellence which was also made possible thanks to the sliding walls made of WoodN Industries JF7040 sunshades, in the color Cuba. Thus, the external volumes of the façades acquire a heightened dynamism, in the coming together of aesthetics and functionality.

The sunshade profiles were custom made, with a reinforced galvanized steel core. But what is most impressive is the actual amount of WoodN Industries sunshades required for the work, that is 20 km.

WoodN Industries also supplied the floating decking in the large attic terraces. Set on a frame, the DT17029 profiles in the color Myanmar provide excellent resistance to rainwater and UV rays. And, thanks to the different light refractions of the brushed finish, WoodN Industries decking offers an elegant checkerboard play of perspectives that evolves over the course of the day.

Project credits:
Beretta Associati Srl Studio
Arch. Gianmaria Beretta


Via Piranesi – Milano - Milan - WoodN Industries sunshades - frangisole WoodN Industries - 2