WoodN Industries sunshades take on Mont Blanc

WoodN composite wood sunshades combine high performance and aesthetics in the façades of the SkyWay Cableway


Thanks to the SkyWay Cableway, mountain lovers can reach the perennial ice on Mont Blanc (Courmayeur). Designed by architect Carlo Cillara Rossi, the structure embellishes a unique environmental context, which is characterized by often severe weather conditions. WoodN Industries sunshades were chosen to bestow greater character and elegance to the project.

The architect designed a station that integrates with the surrounding landscape, without foregoing contemporary design. Hence, our JF7040 composite wood sunshade profile was the perfect choice in terms of reliability, stability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

WoodN Industries boards, 100% Made in Italy, isolate the concrete structure, defining a modular and revolutionary covering. Thus the SkyWay Cableway station acquires perfect symmetry, making the most of the warmth of natural wood and the unique advantages of composite wood. The excellent longevity of WoodN Industries sunshades is particularly noteworthy: developed and treated to withstand frost and the effects of UV rays, this solution does not require routine maintenance.

Project credits:
Arch. Carlo Cillara Rossi


I frangisole WoodN Industries sfidano il Monte Bianco - WoodN Industries sunshades take on Mont Blanc