Progetto CMR – Milano - Milan - WoodN Industries sunshades - frangisole WoodN Industries - 2

WoodN Industries sunshades for the façades of Progetto CMR architecture Studio

To embellish the façades of its Milan office, Progetto CMR chose WoodN Industries composite wood sunshades.


In 2018, the international architecture Studio Progetto CMR (10 offices worldwide, with over 160 professionals including architects, engineers and designers) decided to create a new office in via Russoli in Milan. So, in a former industrial area which has become a local hotspot, a building with a sustainable rock soul has taken shape. The objectives of Massimo Roj, architect and founder of Progetto CMR, were to design a building with a low environmental impact (with regards to energy consumption and CO2 emissions), as well as optimize its ventilation and air conditioning. These sustainability criteria are perfectly in line with the offering of WoodN Industries and specifically with the exclusive properties of its sunshades.

This is why WoodN Industries participated in the project development right from the start, clothing the main façades of the building with its composite wood profiles. WoodN Industries sunshades (JF18041 profile), synonymous with beauty and flexibility, proved to be the best solution for perfect outdoor performance, ensuring excellent solar shading for the building. The credit also goes to the typical characteristics of WoodN Industries sunshades, such as lightness, durability and resistance to fire, water and wind.

Progetto CMR – Milano - Milan - WoodN Industries sunshades - frangisole WoodN Industries

Selecting WoodN Industries sunshades also enabled maximum customization of the façade design. On his quest for living comfort and a solution that would favour low consumption, Massimo Roj was able to choose the ideal sunscreens within the wide range offered by WoodN Industries, which features over 40 profiles with different sections.

Project credits:
Arch. Massimo Roj
Ph Andrea Martiradonna