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WoodN Industries outdoor cladding renovates the North Bellmore Public Library

The Long Island Public Library (New York) has undergone a complete restyling, choosing the modernity and unique style of WoodN Industries outdoor cladding.


North Bellmore is a charming hamlet of New York City, located in the center of Long Island not far from its more famous “cousins” Brooklyn and Queens. The streets of North Bellmore reveal its rich and lively past, while it has over time transformed into a modern and charming people-oriented residential neighbourhood. A rebirth that also included public buildings: the North Bellmore Public Library, which has been recently restored also thanks to the use of WoodN Industries outdoor cladding, is a testament to this.

The renovation project was completed by architects at Gallin Beeler Design Studio. Giving the outdated 1960’s library a contemporary and sustainable footprint was the main objective and the structure benefited greatly from the 418 square meter expansion, out of an initial total of 1200 square meters.

The previously closed-in and cold design has been transformed into a pleasant light-filled and comfortable environment. The Q20410 outdoor cladding by WoodN Industries chosen for this project contributed to this result: utilized for the façade of the North Bellmore Public Library, the profiles in the color Cuba are the perfect solution both from an aesthetic as well as a performance point of view. The functionality of WoodN Industries outdoor cladding is based on certified properties: resistance to fire, parasites and aging caused by adverse weather conditions, lightness, impermeability, absence of formaldehyde and dimensional stability.

And, to meet the designers’ needs in terms of environmental sustainability, the outdoor cladding has a truly eco-friendly identity: the material utilized for the Bellmore Library is 100% recyclable, as it is made from selected swarf. All this is coupled with the new green nature of the North Bellmore Public Library, which combines photovoltaic panels, efficient use of natural light and recycled or low-impact materials. The local community can now enjoy cosy reading spaces, state-of-the-art technological classrooms and new areas for meetings and other recreational activities also thanks to WoodN Industries.

Project credits:
Gallin Beeler Design Studio
Ph: Arch-Imagery Photography


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