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WoodN Industries bring Greenwood outdoor decking to San Pellegrino

The unique structural and aesthetic features of Greenwood outdoor decking have redefined the prestige and look of QC Terme San Pellegrino.


In 2014, the De8 Architetti Studio embarked upon an ambitious renovation of the entire complex of QC Terme San Pellegrino: the aim of the project was to completely restyle the spaces pertaining to the historic spring, which had fallen into disuse. When it came to covering the outdoor poolside terraces, the designers’ choice immediately fell on Greenwood outdoor decking, in the color Ebano and featuring the solarium finish.

The stylistic goal was to seamlessly integrate the restored building into the evocative natural surroundings. However, the outdoor decking also had to meet specific structural needs. Among these, the foremost were resistance to adverse weather conditions and splinters as well as ease of cleaning.

Therefore, selecting Greenwood composite wood for the 1500 square meters of outdoor surfaces was a choice linked to its ability to counteract bad weather, sudden temperature changes and the effects of water. Another important feature of Greenwood outdoor decking is the fact that it is eco-friendly: the material is made of wood flours and is coated with a high-performance plastic patina. Furthermore, it is a 100% recyclable solution and that can be easily mistaken for natural wood, to the point of mimicking its scent.

Therefore, Greenwood played an important role in making QC Terme San Pellegrino the “monument to water” that they are today: relaxation, luxury and nature coming together in a liberty-style place dedicated to well-being.

Project credits:
De8 Architetti


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