Aeternus Decking by Woodn

Woodn in Las Vegas: the ideal product for outdoor spaces

Nowhere embodies nightlife, entertainment and luxury more than Las Vegas: its casinos, hotels and resorts transport visitors into an extraordinary world, where everything seems possible.


We took Woodn to this setting, into a hotel featuring modern design that needed top-of-the-range resistant materials to fit outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, the lounge area, the spa and its many bars.


What were the requirements we had to fulfil? We needed to ensure we maintained the style and balance of the spaces, and choose a material that was highly water resistant. That was why the most appropriate solution for these requirements was Aeternus Decking.

Ideal for outdoor spaces, and water and UV resistant, it is available in a large range of colours to meet all requirements. A brushed white finish was chosen for this project.


Woodn also considered the most appropriate fixing system for the pergolas and, selecting the best applications for the hotel’s East Pool Bar, the Versatilis pergola was chosen. Lightweight and resistant, it is a product that provides excellent results for both classic and cantilevered pergolas.

The final application of the Woodn product was Modulatus: the outdoor cladding that makes the building beautiful as well as functional.


All systems are perfectly suited to every form of architectural design, thanks to their flexibility and Woodn’s manufacturing know-how.