WoodN and Greenwood: a great example of unity at Casa sa Punteta - v1

WoodN and Greenwood: a great example of unity at Casa sa Punteta

In Porto Cristo, WoodN Industries showcases its most captivating offering ideas: aesthetics, functionality and perfect adaptability in any context. Casa sa Punteta thus becomes a unique exemplar on the entire eastern coast of Mallorca.

The Balearic Islands are a pearl set in the Mediterranean. Thousand-year-old architecture mingles with traces left by the populations that have sailed these seas throughout the centuries. Today these four islands are a tourist paradise that millions of Europeans and non-Europeans long for. Menorca shines with its understated elegance, Ibiza and Formentera are the life of the party. But the real queen is Mallorca, with its rich culture and its varied moods, guaranteed to suit any type of traveler. And this is where WoodN Industries has given further proof of its success.

Casa sa Punteta stands out on the coast of Porto Cristo, in the captivating and radiant east coast of Mallorca. It is a picturesque area, a few kilometers from the scorching Manacor and the famous Dragon Caves. Evidence signifying that the heat here is nothing new, quite the contrary. And neither is the charm of the villas overlooking the sea, utterly exclusive and dreamy. Much like Casa sa Punteta. Built in 2019, this private villa can rely on the aesthetics and innovative functionality of Greenwood materials – Greendeck decking – and WoodN – soffits and façade cladding.

The two WoodN Industries brands were selected by architects Galmés and Mansergas on account of their unique advantages, also as regards the context. In fact, WoodN Industries composite wood does not require extraordinary maintenance and perfectly adapts to every architectural need. Moreover it is resistant to the aging action of UV rays and adverse weather conditions – such as wind, humidity and salt damage: 100% authentic Majorcan. Made exclusively in Italy, our products utilize materials that are 100% recyclable within the production cycle.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that WoodN Industries is the partner of choice for the most prestigious designers in various countries on all five continents. In order to better understand its success, a trip to the coast of Majorca would suffice. Perhaps the Eastward one, where every day the pink dawn envelops the shades Tabacco and Myanmar of a dreamlike villa in Porto Cristo. Here architecture transcends into grandeur.

Arch. Galmés and Mansergas
Photo: Tomeu Canyellas

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