WoodN coating

WoodN coating faces extreme weather conditions

Heavy rain and snowfall in winter and the hot Mediterranean sun in summer. We knew that our coating would have faced extreme weather conditions in Zaarour (Lebanon)…

At the same time, we were aware of the reasons that had led architects to choose our technical wood for coating. On the one hand, there was the desire to create a ski resort with a welcoming design. On the other hand, there was a series of fundamental practical requirements to ensure the success of the product. We had to keep resistance to high summer temperatures in mind, but also the humidity and cold weather in the winter. Furthermore, classic wood requires regular maintenance work to ensure that its properties and its beauty remain intact. Maintenance work of this magnitude on such large structures would require scaffolding to be installed every year. WoodN coating, on the other hand, requires very little maintenance.

WoodN coatingBoth the lateral walls and the roof of the ski resort were built with WoodN. This coating creates a thermoformed reinforcement that insulates the inside of the building. The parts of the chairlift most exposed to the elements are also made of WoodN cladding panels. In this way, the expansion and fracture of classic wood in the event of infiltration can be avoided.

The result is a magnificent ski resort, the closest one to the capital, Beirut, and popular not only for its slopes but also for its design. The choice of an almost alpine style fits perfectly into the surrounding mountain environment.

We used 2600 square metres of Cuba-coloured WoodN high-density Modulatus coating for this project.


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