WoodN clothes the Decameron Hotel in Odessa with its engineered wood decking and sunshades

Our engineered wood is perfectly suited to any outdoor project, thanks to its weather resistant qualities


The Decameron Hotel, in the heart of Odessa in Ukraine, is a particularly striking Italian-style hospitality structure, designed to welcome guests as if it were their second home, harmoniously combining hospitality and relaxation in a single environment.

The DT13835 engineered wood decking was selected to cover the hotel’s charming courtyard, with its eye-catching well-kept green areas, tranquillity and elegance. Our wood, ecological and featuring a non-slip surface, integrates perfectly with the exquisite environment of the Decameron Hotel, bestowing a beauty that will stand the test of time.

Additionally, the JF7040 profile sunshades were selected for the external walls, which combine aesthetic appeal with performance perks, ensuring ventilation and shading, offering resistance and durability and requiring no maintenance. 

The end result is a cladding that gives the flooring and façade a markedly distinctive style and guaranteed performance: our profiles are waterproof and protect against the aging action of UV rays.