Sostenibilità da Serie A: WoodN Industries per la “casa dell’Atalanta”

Top-class sustainability: WoodN Industries for “Atalanta house”

The green commitment of WoodN Industries takes the field with Greenwood decking made for Atalanta Bortolotti Sports Center in Bergamo. A world-class move that is also a win for the environment.

With its 120,000 m2 of playing fields and structures, plus 2,500 m2 of offices and changing rooms, the Achille and Cesare Bortolotti Sports Center in Zingonia (BG) is one of the most qualified and welcoming organizations of its kind. The “Atalanta house” is a complex that houses 7 playing fields featuring natural and synthetic grass, covered stands to witness the training of the first team and the championship matches of the youth teams, gyms, massage and physiotherapy rooms, spa and wellness center. A meeting place that aims to stand out from the crowd thanks to its excellence and plethora of offerings, from sports-related services, to health care, food culture, as well as company training and team building.

It is no coincidence that this cutting-edge organization has – from a structural and functional point of view – has decided to rely on effective and sustainable technical solutions by WoodN Industries. Greenwood composite wood is a winning choice to cover a high footfall area subjected to the aging action of UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

Our certified non-slip and splinter-resistant decking is made up of 75% raw wood flour – select PEFC-certified swarf from sawmills and furniture factories – and about 25% polypropylene. It is therefore a resistant and eco-friendly material. The use of swarf from sawmills as a raw material to produce Greenwood products ensures quantifiable environmental benefits bringing about a reduction of 13.9 kg of CO2eq for each m3 of decking produced.

According to standards ascertained by the Provincial Energy Agency of Udine, the production of 1,000 m3 of Greenwood decking saves 700 trees every year. And if, at the end of its product life, Greenwood is reused rather than disposed of in landfills, it would result in a 55% reduction of CO2eq.

The result of constant research, Greenwood is the most innovative scientific and technological answer for outdoor decking.