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TheNicePlace, a Made in Italy design turns to WoodN Industries

The contemporary vibe of the Nice plants can count on the aesthetic and functional uniqueness of WoodN Industries sunscreens: presenting TheNicePlace.

When speaking of the best Made in Italy business models, it should come as no surprise that a considerable percentage are located in Veneto. Its unique productive ecosystem is evolving, on a quest to find a perfect balance with nature, the surrounding environment and the local community, through greener, more open, inclusive and sustainable corporate identities. One such business is TheNicePlace of Nice, a veritable flagship of Venetian industry, boasting international prestige.

Nice is a global leader in the Home & Building Management and Security sectors. In 2015, it renovated its Treviso plants in Oderzo with a grand remodeling project: TheNicePlace, a social space that Nice has dedicated to meeting and sharing knowledge and innovative ideas, also open to the territory. TheNicePlace houses TheKitchen, the company canteen, a large conference room and a training room, dedicated to automation specialists, where regular practical courses are held.

The renovation clearly involved not only the inner arrangement of the areas, but also the functional and signature style of the exteriors. An example of this is the look of the main entrance to the reception area.

Hence, architect Carlo Dal Bo remodeled and screened the façade of TheNicePlace, to bestow greater privacy to the bar on the ground floor. And, to do so, he relied on a solution that does not require any maintenance – just regular cleaning: the iconic JF7040 sunscreens by WoodN Industries, in the color Caffè Bogotà. The vertical arrangement of the profiles calls to mind the cadence of the “glossy bamboo cane” forest that embellishes the projecting roof of TheNicePlace.

Lightness, a green essence and resistance to fire, water and wind. The fascinating charisma of TheNicePlace attests to the exclusive plethora of characteristics of WoodN Industries sunscreens. Aesthetics and efficiency at the service of the largest corporations.


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