The Grove Mixed-Use Development

The Grove, Texas cannot resist WoodN Industries

Prestigious shops, exclusive offices, luxury apartments. The Grove is the most glamorous version of Austin: its soffits and sunscreens have been clothed by WoodN.


Austin isn’t just the capital of Texas. It is Texas, in the truest sense of the word. As you wander through its streets you can glimpse all the many faces of the Lone Star state. The aromas of Tex-Mex dishes, incandescent thermometers, billboards advertising a rodeo or live concert (here they’re a religion) in venues that once hosted Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly and Willie Nelson. In short, here icons are aplenty. Not so for soffits and sunscreens: in that case, even Texans had to ask WoodN Industries for help. For additional information, ask about The Grove.

The Grove is a new urban project that already represents the very heart of West Austin. Set at the foot of the first hills surrounding the city, a thriving and modern neighborhood of about 75 acres has taken shape, just minutes from Downtown Austin and the University of Texas. The Grove is comprised of nearly 17,000 sqm of Class A offices, 13,000 sqm of shops, 1,098 luxury apartments, over 500 condominiums, 34 exclusive real estate units, a 16-acre park and over 20 acres of additional green spaces. The streets are enhanced by hike & bike trails, glittering gourmet restaurants, charming bistros and alluring boutiques with the finest brands. Ergo, it would be pretty hard to find boot-and-Stetson wearing Texans here.

The Grove’s skyline is dominated by two mixed-use structures (with 3 and 4 floors), which bring together almost all the offices and 15% of the shops in the neighborhood. Their signature aesthetic is evident at first glance: functional indoor spaces and outdoor areas featuring an elegant and futuristic design. And part of the credit for this last detail goes to WoodN Industries, which has enhanced the building façades with its Q13010 soffits. But that’s not all: for the occasion, WoodN Industries experts created new sunscreen profiles (JF222114), featuring a brushed finish in the color Cuba.

WoodN Industries sunscreens were selected by the Gensler Design architectural Studio on account of their unique plethora of aesthetic and architectural characteristics: an eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free nature, resistance to fire and parasites, lightness, impermeability and dimensional stability. Because The Grove doesn’t just deserve the best. It demands it.

Project credits:
Gensler Design


The Grove Mixed-Use Development