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Slimdeck, the new Greenwood solution for outdoor decking

Narrower, thinner and more elegant. Slimdeck combines excellent aesthetic quality – similar to natural wood – with features that are unique on the market. Let the new 100% Italian Greenwood technical wood slats win you over.

Composite wood decking is able to enhance any terrace or pool edge. It can redefine an environment, creating a more welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. That’s why the best architects, project managers and designers are looking for outdoor solutions made of technical wood, which however also offer impeccable long-term performance. Or, more to the point, they’re searching for Slimdeck.

Slimdeck is the latest frontier in outdoor offerings by WoodN Industries. It expands the Greenwood decking range by rendering the characteristics of 100% Italian composite wood – made in Treviso – in a narrower and thinner structure: the slat measures 88 x 16.5 mm and guarantees countless creative variations. Slimdeck is also an ecological and sustainable choice for private or professional customers: its material is composed of 75% PEFC-certified raw wood flour and 25% polypropylene, making it 100% recyclable in its production cycle.

Unlike Teak, Slimdeck does not gray and its shine stands the test of time. And, in addition to not releasing splinters with ageing, with Slimdeck you can say goodbye to any extraordinary maintenance. Because it ensures perfect resistance against bad weather, humidity, salinity and high footfall.

In short, a plethora of surprising unique traits. In addition to these, it boasts easy cleaning and quick and simple installation, with the mounting system featuring stainless steel clips and screws.

Don’t compromise on your desires: discover the effectiveness of Slimdeck in the most diverse residential and commercial contexts.