Angelina Zampieri - Belluno - Italy

Piazza Zampieri, WoodN Industries embellishes Belluno

Aesthetics and functionality are the cornerstones of the Piazza Angelina Zampieri redevelopment project. And WoodN Industries clothed it with its sunscreens.

Redevelopment is one of the primary objectives of any truly futuristic city planning. And it is also one of the most captivating ways to combine aesthetics and building functionality. Familiar spaces are reclaimed, yet with utterly new nuances. An example of this is Piazza Angelina Zampieri in Belluno. Previously the square of the former civil hospital, in 2021 its identity was completely modernized thanks to WoodN Industries. The project was defined by the mayor as “an injection of confidence” for the city: Piazza Angelina Zampieri and the buildings that delimit its perimeter are the result of the greatest urban restoration that has ever been carried out in the old town center of Belluno. Thanks to this endeavor a new development hub was created, destined to become the heart of Belluno’s economy.

A public space that brings together buildings for commercial, office and residential use comes alive. In fact, the square is bordered by offices, apartments and shops. In other words, a mixed-use building embellished by the functional and harmonious interventions of WoodN Industries.

Therefore, the architecture of the buildings and the surrounding environment come together in perfect harmony, with the application of WoodN Industries sunscreens: their geometric identity is thus enhanced, all the while meeting the need for privacy and functionality. In order to optimize the chromatic interaction with the context, architect Ghedini selected JF7040 sunscreens in three different colors: Beige Sahara, Grigio Londra and Caffè Bogotá. The use of the aforementioned has created a structure with a fascinating modernity, which communes harmoniously with the style of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings in the upgraded area.

Rigorously Made in Italy, WoodN Industries sunscreens interpret a contemporary design with linear features. Not to mention their performance peculiarities: in addition to ensuring perfect shading and superior energy performance, these solutions fully counteract the harmful action of UV rays and adverse weather conditions, standing the test of time. The plethora of characteristics is completed by the total recyclability of the finished product within the production cycle. In fact, WoodN material is made with select FSC-certified swarf and with a protective and waterproofing plastic component.


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