One cocowalk - Miami - soffits e controsoffitti WoodN Industries

One Cocowalk, the face of WoodN Industries in the Brickell district of Miami

RSP Architects designers chose WoodN Industries soffits to enhance One Cocowalk, a mixed-use development in the financial hub of Florida.

Miami has always held a special charm for Americans and foreign tourists alike. Its Latin American flair, its sea, its vibrant fashion. A bit like New York, some of its neighborhoods have even become a part of our collective imagination for decades. Such as Little Havana or Miami Beach, also popularized by countless films and TV series. And maybe it’s not on the list, but there is another neighborhood that falls within the beating heart of the metropolis. Brickell, the Downtown Miami area which represents the largest financial district of the city and of the whole of southern Florida. So much so that some have called it the “Manhattan of the South”. In short, a lively district, where most of the foreign consulates and a wide variety of boutique office buildings are located, such as One Cocowalk.

A worthy symbol of Brickell’s entrepreneurial vivacity, One Cocowalk is a mixed-use development overlooking SW 13th Street. The building was designed by RSP Architects and features 5 floors of shops, offices, gyms, delectable restaurants, venues for events and boutiques. It even has a terrace with a bird’s eye view of Miami and Biscayne Bay. The complex conveys a dynamic and irresistible charm, also relying on the aesthetics and functionality of the Q20410 soffits by WoodN Industries.

Featuring a brushed finish in the color WoodN 77 Cocowalk, our soffits were selected by the designers at RSP Architects on account of their plethora of unique characteristics. The characteristics of WoodN Industries composite wood are in fact ideal for the distinctive Florida climate, in its sub-tropical variations – in the north and in the center of the Sunshine State – and tropical – in the south, including Miami. WoodN materials combine hurricane resistance and self-extinguishing properties, lightness and impermeability, dimensional stability and are pleasant to the touch. Last but not least they are formaldehyde-free, resistant to parasites and feature an eco-friendly structure.

Therefore, the wide range of WoodN Industries outdoor and indoor solutions adapts to the most diverse needs of residential and commercial construction. Just like at One Cocowalk, amid the palm trees and the sun of a Miami where every detail expresses the impeccable style of what is known as the Magic City.

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