new jersey barriers - sitmi - salone del mobile

New Jersey barriers get decked out with Sitmi

New Jersey barriers are becoming an integral part of the security of our cities. Their form, however, often blights the appearance of our historic city centres.

For this reason, the all-female architectural studio of Lascia la scia has decided to integrate the New Jersey barriers into the urban fabric in a pleasant and ecological way, making them the base of Sitmi benches.

The winning idea was to devise benches that fit into the concrete blocks of the New Jersey barriers. This solution will allow local administrations to reposition the benches if they need to be moved. Furthermore, the installation does not completely hide the barrier, which actually becomes part of the design. At the same time, the seat has been intentionally decentralised with respect to the support on which it is fixed and this clearly highlights the fact that it is an added element, underscoring its temporary nature.  

Taking into account the possible repositioning and re-use of the Sitmi benches, the Lascia la scia team also took into consideration the ecological and sustainability aspect of their proposal. For this reason, a partnership with Greenwood was formed, an Italian leader in the extrusion of composite wood. The Greenwood material consists of recycled wood flour derived from selected waste. Added to this is an ecological polyolefin plastic component that protects the wood particles. In this way, the appearance and fragrance of the wood are preserved and, at the same time, the material does not suffer the limits set by exposure to the outdoor environment.

Sitmi benches do not require maintenance and do not splinter, as do wooden benches exposed to the elements.

Already presented last year at the Milan Design Week 2018, they will be used in new locations in the centre of Milan during the 2019 Salone del Mobile.