Frangisole Woodn - Milano - WoodN sunshades renew the Generali SGR offices - 2

The Milan offices of Generali SGR take on a new look with WoodN sunshades made of engineered wood

WoodN sunshades were chosen to upgrade and provide solar shading to the offices in Viale Testi.


Viale Fulvio Testi is steeped in centuries-old history, it has connected Milan to the surrounding hinterland for decades. Generali SGR offices are located alongside this major stretch of road in Milan. In 2019, the company decided to give its spaces a more innovative look. The architectural renovation (renamed “Testi 280”) was carried out by Studio D2U – Design to Users who, with no hesitation whatsoever, selected WoodN sunshades for the upgrade and to provide solar shading to the façades.

WoodN engineered wood sunshades guarantee a perfect aesthetic result, as evidenced by the fascinating play of colors of the façade. WoodN created a sunshade profile for the occasion, customer-designed by the D2U architecture firm, featuring a new mounting system. The JF35068 WoodN sunshades made of engineered wood guarantee perfect panel adaptability, through declinations that meet the unique functional needs of the interior spaces.

Several mock-ups, such as installation tests, were carried out in order to ascertain the product characteristics required for the project were met. In particular, the customer-designed WoodN sunshades ensure optimal performance in terms of refraction of the sun’s rays, all the while maintaining a strong aesthetic appeal.

All this once more highlights the extreme customization potential that our sunshades offer for façade design. Each product combines high customization with excellent structural solidity. Moreover, WoodN sunshades characteristics, such as being eco-friendly, impermeable, light and resistant to fire or parasites, make them truly remarkable. What is more they are also formaldehyde-free and provide surprising dimensional stability.

WoodN also saw to the designing of the roof pergolas (JF20058) and of the cladding of planters, benches and the stairwell, which were clothed with a WoodN decking profile (DT17029).

Project Credits:
D2U – Design to Users, architects Caruso and Della Fontana


Frangisole Woodn - Milano - WoodN sunshades renew the Generali SGR offices