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The best known louvers in Italy

louvers city life ferragnezFeatured in many “stories” posted by the queen of social media and her husband: WoodN louvers have been in the spotlights ever since the Milan CityLife area became the home of the Ferragnezs.


Architect Daniel Libeskind faced a tough decision when selecting the best material for the louvers of his ambitious project. He had to keep in mind reliability standards of the product, its economic impact on the overall project and the availability of the company. But above all he had to consider the resistance capacity of the louver material, given that these elements are constantly exposed to weather variations.

After years of technical tests, Libeskind opted for a high performance composite wood such as WoodN instead of classic wood. The latter would indeed have required heavy maintenance in order to remain intact over the course of time. On the other hand, WoodN louvers prove their resistance to weather conditions and their aesthetic value on a daily basis.

WoodN louvers, 6 years later


louvers city lifeLouvers were installed in the CityLife structure in 2013 and have since weathered the effects of thunderstorms, hail, snow and even scorching sunlight without wrinkling in the slightest. On the contrary, as proven by photos taken by the Ferragnezs, the neighbourhood still looks welcoming and elegant, also thanks to the colour that was chosen for the louvers, a brushed Segovia red that perfectly blends into the context, dampening the creamy white tone of the structure.

This particular effect, amounting to a sort of louver origami, was made possible by collaborating with a partner firm which built a customised extruded aluminium structure. WoodN then conceived an original hooking system and even the closing “caps” of the profiles were adapted to completely blend into the surrounding context.

An 8-month worksite was required to install the louvers on all the 5 luxury buildings of the CityLife area. A total of 30 000 sq m of “Versatilis” composite wood were installed in spans of varying lengths upon internal metallic supports.

An eco-friendly neighbourhood


louvers citylifeParticipating in the ambitious CityLife project was a fantastic opportunity for WoodN to prove its environmental commitment. Indeed, the entire neighbourhood was conceived as an example of ecologically sustainable architecture and designed around a large central park.

Check out these two video tours of the Ferragnez household to take a look at the final result of the most Instagram-friendly CityLife residential complex of the moment (ps: the decking of the massive panoramic terrace was made by Greenwood!).

Would you like to learn more about WoodN louvers and build an equally ambitious and eco-friendly project? Send an e-mail to info@woodn.com.