Astronomical observatory - Albanyà, Spain - Decking Plug&Play Greenwood

In Catalonia, you can stargaze even in winter. Thanks to the Greenwood Plug&Play decking by WoodN Industries

The stands of the Albanyà Astronomical Observatory are clothed with the Greenwood Plug&Play decking.


In order to welcome thousands of enthusiasts at any time of the year, the Albanyà Astronomical Observatory has chosen to install the exclusive Greenwood heated Plug&Play decking by WoodN Industries. The structure is one of the most fascinating and cutting-edge stellar observatories in all of Western Europe.

Fully automated, the Albanyà Astronomical Observatory and its four-meter dome are surrounded by almost 100 square km of woods: an extraordinary setting, thanks to which was granted the exclusive IDA certification as a dark sky park. To be precise, it is a first such site in all of Spain.

Among the scientific dissemination and investigation activities, the staff offers astronomy baptisms (events dedicated to astronomy neophytes), sound measurements from space and other opportunities to exploit the potential of the largest telescope in the province of Girona. The perfect equipment for observing the spectacular meteor showers of the Perseids in summer and the Geminids in December.

In order to allow visitors to enjoy the view in complete comfort even in the coldest of months, the Albanyà Astronomical Observatory decided to clothe the outdoor stands with Greenwood engineered wood.

In fact, the floor is entirely made with the exclusive carbon fiber heated slats. This unique characteristic guarantees a perfect and pleasant distribution of heat in the environment.

Furthermore, Greenwood Plug&Play decking by WoodN Industries fully meets every aesthetic requirement and is extremely pleasant to the touch. Made out of PEFC certified wood, it is an ecological product, which does not require extraordinary maintenance and is formaldehyde free. Resistant to woodworms, water and parasites, the anti slippery surface of our composite wood is also protected from the aging action of UV rays.


Astronomical observatory - Albanyà, Spain - Decking Plug&Play Greenwood