Greenwood decking for Robinson Club Jandia Playa

We flew to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, to bring to new life the decking of Hotel Robinson Club Jandia Playa.

The Robinson Club Jandia Playa and its endless beach is the perfect spot to relax or keep yourself busy: it’s a unique, unforgettable place, ideal for the fitness lovers, playing beach volleyball, tennis, windsurf or sailing.
It did, however, need a restyling, in particular of its outdoor area.

This is exactly why architects Juan Fullana and Luis Fullana, together with architect Jordi Carreño and his team at EstudioVila13, had developed a stunning design, involving the collaboration of Greenwood composite wood cladding and decking, precisely chosen for its highest aesthetic and quality standards.

We installed one-of-a-kind, sophisticated stacked bond laying decking, in in two different colors: Miele 12 and Ebano 31, resulting in an essential beauty , that enhances the modern vibe of the hotel.
Greenwood’s eco-solutions, in fact, fit perfectly not only with the decking around the swimming pool on the ground floor, but also with the stairs, the restaurant and the panoramic terraces, with an infinity pool on the 10th floor, and last but not least, all the other 20 terraces around the hotel.

The choice of the Greenwood composite wood decking guarantees the highest physical, mechanical and thermal performancesas well as an excellent resistance to aging and atmospheric agents, with limited maintenance needed.