Generali SRG renovates its Milan offices with WoodNs’ louver screens

This is a true example of a buildings that enjoys new light in an ingenuous manner: this is the outcome of the renovation of the Generali SRG offices in Viale Testi in Milan.

Studio D2U, in charge of the this architectural renovation, took the opportunity to revamp this building choosing WoodN Industries materials for the refurbishment and solar shading of the facades, using the engineered wood sunshades from our VERSATILIS line.

At first sight one is struck by the interplay of colors which give a sense of movement to the facade. In fact, this profile has been produced by Woodn creating a brand-new extrusion die, following the design specs of Architect Della Fontana Studio D2U specifically for this project, developing as well a custom concealed attachment system.
The modular design of the JF35068 composite wood sunshade allowed the panels to fit the size and function of the internal spaces: each room receives indirect natural light; direct sun exposure is eliminated.
And this is exactly what makes it unique; the initial process to develop and install a real mockup allowed to grant the functionality of the design and to develop every detail of the final wall assembly.

In addition to the vertical sunshades and the roof pergolas, we also installed decking on the stairwell, planters and benches, choosing a profile that made the renovated outdoor spaces even more attractive.

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