Edilizia e sostenibilità: WoodN Industries contribuisce ai punteggi LEED degli edifici

Construction and sustainability: WoodN Industries contributes to LEED green building points

The LEED certification program has globally established itself as a reference rating for green building. Utilized in 40 countries, the LEED rating system determines the environmental impact of a building’s life cycle. Find out how WoodN Industries can contribute to achieving maximum points.

According to industry experts, LEED has become a universally-renowned term in the building sector. LEED is a voluntary certification program that scores buildings based on green and sustainable criteria. This score refers to the entire life cycle of the building itself, from design to actual construction. In other words, thanks to the LEED standard one can highlight the green features of properties, which are fundamental in a market that has become increasingly aware of these aspects.

The sustainable approach promoted by the LEED system is based on an 8-category checklist: Location and Transportation (LT), Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Material and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Innovation (I) and Regional Priority (RP). By assigning a score to each category, a building can reach a maximum score of 110 points and be placed in one of the 4 certification categories: LEED certified (40 points), silver, gold and platinum.

Many have turned to WoodN Industries to significantly increase their rating in different categories. For example, in terms of Sustainable Sites, WoodN Industries materials for outdoor use guarantee a reduction in rainwater disposal in sewers: the credit goes to the gaps between the boards that make WoodN Industries flooring permeable. An additional advantage of this decking is a reduction in urban heat islands, which is fundamental for LEED certification.

WoodN Industries products also excel in the Energy and Atmosphere department. Our offering facilitates the achievement of high energy efficiency of buildings and of system design, higher than the minimum values ​​set forth by current legislation: the economic and environmental impact caused by excessive energy consumption are thus reduced.

Finally, WoodN Industries shines in the ​​Material and Resources area, using products that are totally recyclable within the production cycle, composed of material from select FSC-PEFC certified wood swarf. What is more, WoodN Industries can count on sustainable packaging – made of wood – which boasts an environmental impact 5 times lower than that of traditional plastic pallets. This was verified by a study commissioned by the Politecnico di Milano (source), which attests to the environmental benefits of the packaging also utilized by WoodN Industries: research results confirm that simply utilizing wooden pallets entails the non-emission of 18.4 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere.