composite wood terrace decking Greenwood

Composite wood terrace decking meets Art Nouveau

Once a prestigious vacation destination, characterized by their Art Nouveau style, over the years the San Pellegrino thermal baths became less and less visited, also due to the abandonment of the complexes built around the historical San Pellegrino water source.

However, in 2014 an ambitious renovation project began with the goal of requalifying the entire complex. The use of wood was clearly the most obvious solution for integrating the decking solutions – and in particular those for the outdoor poolside terraces – in the prestigious natural context of the thermal baths. However, wood decking also raised some issues in terms of resistance to weather conditions, anti splintering protection and cleaning operations.

The De8 architecture studio therefore assessed the possibility of using a composite material for the outdoor pavements of the thermal structure. The composite wood pavements of the terraces of this marvellous complex are indeed exposed to weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and water, and need to be capable of maintaining their original beauty over time.

composite wood terrace decking Greenwood
The choice to use Greenwood composite wood for exterior use on the 1500 sq m of surfaces was an eco-friendly one that also fully met the client’s needs.

Greenwood is indeed a recyclable material, consisting of wood-meals and coated in a plastic material that protects the pavement and makes it resistant to external agents. Furthermore, the choice to use Greenwood rewarded Italian know-how and ongoing research in the field of 100% recyclable materials boasting the
same characteristics as natural wood, along with the resistance of plastic.

This year San Pellegrino water is celebrating its 120 th anniversary but is no longer physically linked to its historical complex. This situation led to a very specific architectonic necessity, capable of valorising dismissed environments and of returning them to life. The San Pellegrino thermal baths therefore became both a “monument to water” and a wellness location worthy of their 1920s splendour. For the purpose of completing the project designed by the De8 studio, the thermal structure was moved to coincide with the geological fault, allowing water to rise from the depths of the earth and evaporate on the surface, in a continuous earth-air exchange.

composite wood terrace decking Greenwood

The architectonic ambition behind the structure, surrounded as it is by a one-of-its-kind setting, could not be separated from the practical need to create a welcoming, prestigious and relaxing space for new guests of the complex. The water course runs in part inside and in part outside the complex.

It’s the outside section of the course that meets the ebony-colour Greenwood composite wood terrace decking, characterized by a solarium finish.

The result can easily be exchanged for natural wood, given that Greenwood pays such a high level of attention to the final result that its product even has the same fragrance as wood. However, differently than wood, this composite material is easy to clean, requires no particular maintenance and is resistant against
temperature fluctuations the terraces of the structure are subjected to.