rivestimenti in legno composito

Composite wood decking envelops the Grand Park Hotel

Finished exclusively in WoodN composite wood decking, the Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj exemplifies the trending focus on sustainability, without sacrificing luxury.

composite wood decking

The city of Rovinj stands on the horizon for the lucky guests of the Grand Park Hotel, the new crown jewel of the Maistra group. Built around the ACI marina, the hotel was inaugurated on June 10, marking the Adris 44Cup regatta.

For us at WoodN, seeing the hotel finally come to life means the end of a complex project and a true challenge for our material, which have been put to the test in a variety of uses.

The choice that stands out most is the use of composite wood decking on all the external surfaces, from the pool area to the panoramic terraces. An aesthetic choice that is both significant and evolved: the entire hotel is immersed in luxuriant nature, with pines, cypresses, cedars and firs planted throughout the complex, which – with time – will blend into the breathtaking natural surroundings. The hotel boasts a unique view of the city of Rovinj, and, from the other side, the view from the city must be preserved.


ph: Nicolas Brignol

What must remain the same over the years, however, is the hotel’s exterior cladding, despite constant exposure to the elements. To do so, architectural studio 3 LHD in Zagreb called upon our experts to choose the best composite wood for this special project.

The advantages, put to the test

Weather stands no chance against our cladding, protected by a thin plastic coating that makes it both resistant and easy to clean. Gone are the days of long and costly annual maintenance typical of classic wood cladding. WoodN is a high-tech and ecological choice: 100% recyclable, produced using remnants from other processes, WoodN composite wood does not contain heavy metals or release formaldehyde.

In addition to the exteriors, WoodN left its mark on several interior spaces, particularly the staircases. It is no coincidence; the stairs will be subjected to constant foot traffic. Particularly in this case, practicality comes before all other considerations: to obtain an aesthetically pleasing result that is luxurious as a fine wood, but more resistant and easier to care for.

WoodN composite wood was also used in the suites’ solariums and the majestic ceilings of select common areas of the hotel.