Alpiana resort - Greenwood - WoodN Industries

Alpiana, a resort where luxury is green. Better yet, Greenwood.

From the spa to gourmet menus, from the pool garden to sports activities. At the foot of the most spectacular peaks of South Tyrol, the Alpiana resort welcomes its guests in an elegantly relaxing atmosphere: a mood enhanced by the charm of Greenwood decking.

Set amid the evocative panoramas of Merano and the apple orchards of Lana, with the breath-taking Alps as a backdrop. This bewitching picture postcard view is home to the Alpiana, an exclusive resort where Nature embraces luxury: a realm of pure well-being, spread out over 17,000 m2 bordered by orchards, meadows, chestnut groves and fairy tale woods. This is why the Alpiana boasts an inimitable offering of outdoor and indoor activities: bike and trekking routes, swimming pools – with relaxation areas, saunas and the seductive pool garden – and offerings or facilities dedicated to the most diverse of sports. Not to mention its impeccable gourmet restaurant, featuring South Tyrolean specialties and popular vegan and vegetarian menus.

However, the Alpiana reveals its true essence through its design. Its architecture expresses an innovative personality, crafted with careful elegance and in perfect accord with the surrounding landscape. So much so that the resort’s slogan is “green luxury”, a particularly accurate synthesis. And, among the materials selected to attest to the value of the Alpiana, Greendeck, the decking supplied by Greenwood, takes center stage.

Selected by the most internationally-renowned architects, the excellence of Greenwood by WoodN Industries is based on a composite wood 100% Made in Italy. It is the result of over 15 years’ worth of experience in decking, searching for innovative and ecological formulas. In fact, Greenwood is made with 75% raw wood flour – select PEFC-certified swarf – and about 25% with polypropylene – for its protective and waterproofing properties. Greenwood solutions are therefore completely recyclable within their production cycle; moreover, they do not require any maintenance – simply regular cleaning – thus ensuring certified high-level reliability.

Greenwood therefore combines superior aesthetics with unique advantages in terms of use: dimensional stability, resistance to woodworms and parasites, protection from UV rays and zero formaldehyde emissions. An astounding set of characteristics which can win over even the most refined alpine resort.


Alpiana resort - Greenwood - WoodN Industries 2