A beautiful and eco-compatible solution for the Terme di Comano

An essential and elegant design featuring engineered wood cladding for the outdoor surfaces of the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano


The Grand Hotel Terme di Comano selected WoodN Industries to enlarge its new wellness center, a location tucked away in the nature of Trentino.

Aesthetically-pleasing and eco-compatible choice of materials were the watchwords and characteristics of the project, the same as our Greenwood material, a engineered wood perfect for cladding outdoor surfaces.

This is why architect Fabrizio Bianchetti selected it to clad 1100 square meters of outdoor surface pertaining to the hotel wellness center. The core of our innovative Greenwood material is composed of a mix of wood flours, sourced from eco-monitored supply chains, with characteristics that are comparable to the weave pattern and materiality of natural wood. Wood fiber, polymers, skill and creativity, these are the real components of Greenwood engineered wood: a scientific and technological solution against the rapid deterioration of wood and environmental issues deriving from deforestation. 

This project won first prize in the “Wellness Center Pool” category of the 2019 international Pool & Wellness Awards in Barcelona, organized by ITeC -The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology, which promotes innovative and sustainable projects for the swimming pool and wellness sector.