Engineered Bamboo

Woodn is a composite material, consisting of Bamboo and a PVC-based polymer alloy.
Bamboo is an amazing natural resource, referred to as “vegetable steel”, and is a highly sustainable choice.
The result of this alchemy is a technical wood, which can help overcome the limits of wood, enhancing durability and preventing the need for constant maintenance, while keeping its natural look and materiality.


Create with us

A team consisting of Structural Engineers and Designers supports the Architects from concept to implementation.
Starting from the customer’s project in its technical/functional and aesthetic aspects, our engineering framework supports the Architect through rendering arrangement, evaluation of application systems, and creation of mock up.


Imagine your future

Thanks to the unlimited variety of applications, architects from all over the world have chosen Woodn to transform their ideas into reality.

Discover the amazing range of creations realised with Woodn.