Woodn plays with water and water flows on Aeternus at Castello Sforzesco in Milan:
starchitects work with Woodn Industries at Water Design 2015.
October 5th, 2015

Free-flowing water inside glass walls, a swimming pool to regenerate the liquid and a floor floating on water.
Panta rei, “everything flows”... at the Cortile della Rocchetta at Castello Sforzesco in Milan, where from October 2 to 11 Water Design showcases the installation of some of the biggest names of Milanese architecture, from Citterio to Lissoni to Urquiola, among the others.
And of course, where there is water, and where there is architecture addressed to sustainability, there is Woodn.
The Bellunese company, increasingly quoted in the Italian and international luxury building sector, is a technical partner of “Water and Sustainability”: this project sees Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola set to stage three suggestions of contemporary living that interact with a central garden, where a water regeneration system (a pond with aquatic plants) will be installed, allowing the daily life water drain to be purified, with a reduction of waste up to 70%.

Woodn Industries, working in partnership with installation company Legno & Sole, has made a 50-square-meters floor of Aeternus floating just above the water for Studio Lissoni, and a similar one – on lesser surface - for Studio Urquiola.
Water flows under, around and inside the floors, only to be sucked into the glass walls and between the walls, ending its journey by regenerating in the central pool.
The collaboration between Woodn Industries and Studio Lissoni is not new: the starchitect already chose Woodn for his pharaonic project of Al Zorah Resort in Ajman in the UAE.

In fact, more and more archidesigners are enjoying working with the two Woodn Industries brands: Woodn and Greenwood are used to create living spaces designed as aesthetic works, and the company is increasingly being invited to participate to the most influential exhibitions in Europe (Salone del Mobile/Fuorisalone and Homi Outdoor in Milan, Giardina in Zurich…) alongside famous home designers.
Technical wood and the search for sustainability definitely go along very well, and stand out even more if married to a new design concept of the living space, where the idea of "the wall", the drastic separation between inside and outside, is increasingly becoming an option rather than a certainty.
Thanks to materials like Woodn and Greenwood, technology and modernity devoted to "good" facilitate the return to a natural and varied - though fully modern and urban - space.

The floating floor can be walked on by visiting the project "Water and Sustainability" at the Water Design Exhibition in Milan, Castello Sforzesco, from October 2 to 11.
Check out the official website: Water Design 2015

Studio Lissoni's project(click on the pictures to zoom):

Studio Urquiola's project (click on the pictures to zoom):