Woodn: from buildings to Art.
Woodn’s partnership with Italian sculptor Mirko Demattè goes for the win at Tour de Pologne.
August 17th, 2015

We’re not exaggerating when we say Woodn is a very versatile material: from this year on, the trophy awarded to the winner of the cycling tour of Poland is a sculpture by artist Mirko Demattè... made entirely of Woodn!

The Tour’s organising committee has asked Demattè, a sculptor from Trentino and a promising young Italian artist, to realize the trophy. Demattè, which since 2011 has been using Woodn for his artistic experiments, didn’t waste any time in choosing it again, in its species unica essence, to give shape to the upward spiral with which he wanted to represent the cyclists’ efforts, the bends, and ultimately Poland itself. In short, ad astra per aspera
And that’s how it’s going to be for years to come: Demattè was appointed “official artist of the Tour”, and will therefore provide a different work of Art each year – but in the same style and, of course, always made with Woodn.
For him, Woodn was a love at first sight: "it is an excellent material for my sculptures, because it represents the research, the progress, the marriage between Nature and the human product in full respect of the environment" (take a look at Demattè's previous collaborations with Woodn here).
The result is a simple and extraordinary work of art, celebrated by renowned critic Vittorio Sgarbi and officially presented on July 30th to the international press at the headquarters of the Olympic Committee in Warsaw, in the presence of the sculptor, the General Manager of the Tour and Cycling World Champion Michal Kwiatkowsky.
Then, on August 9th, the Spaniard Jon Izaguirre, who won the 72nd Tour de Pologne after 7 stages and 1200 km of curves, raised before the cameras his trophy made in Woodn, celebrating Poland and international cycling.

The fruitful relationship between Demattè and Poland is by now consolidated: the artist has been presenting his work in the country since 2014, and new exhibitions were settled in the major Poland cities during the Tour. From Warsaw to Gdansk, Krakow, Orlovo and the International Museum of Koszalin, the series of sculptures "Evolution", made by thermoformed Woodn, makes the lion's share.

Throughout history, many materials have been used by sculptors to express space, harmony and thought: marble, wood, metal, clay, and then cement, paper and Arte Povera. Yet no one, however, had experienced the use of composite wood – industrial, but eco-friendly - as a raw substance with an intrinsic value, to be molded and ennobled by the artist. Demattè did that with Woodn and, according to critics and audiences, the results proved him right.