From Mexico to China, from Cascina Triulza to the boardwalks, Expo Milano 2015 chooses Woodn
May 25th, 2015

When it comes to Woodn Industries sweeping the board, Expo 2015 is no exception: the Mexico Pavilion is paved for more than 1,000 square meters with the Greenwood decking. All the boardwalks lining the perimeter canal are also paved with Greenwood; same goes for the terrace restaurant of Cascina Triulza restored by starchitect Antonio Citterio; and on top of the Pavilion of Chinese multinational Vanke - undoubtedly one of the finest of the entire Expo - among bamboo scaffolding and high technology stands out the elevator tower, entirely covered with Woodn Versatilis.

The 1,000 sqm Vanke Pavilion, designed and built by the Architect Ghirardelli for Studio Libeskind-Milan, looks like a red dragon whose sinuous and glistening profile rises from the ground up to the terrace, culminating with a view on the Italian pavilion and a tower covered with white curved slats. The Libeskind design was inspired by a series of evocations ranging from Confucius and Lao Tzu’s philosophy to the Renaissance and contemporary art, meaning to express a sense of continuous flow between the inside and the outside.

The Mexico Pavilion instead, designed by Milanese Architect Marco Padoan, is a “corn cob” of nearly 3,000 sqm, with the leaves made of translucent fabric, in which a network of boardwalks leads to the large terrace and the penthouse restaurant, which expresses the richness of Mexican traditional cuisine, protected by UNESCO as intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Popol Vuh, after all, says that man was generated from corn...
Thanks to the ramps, which are inspired by the ancient agricultural terraces and irrigation system used in Mexico in the XII century, all areas of the pavilion are wheelchair accessible (not every place in Expo is…), and the visitor is bathed in light in the large terrace in front of an Aztec deity, the goddess of the harvest. Everything is paved with Greenwood decking, so similar to wood, fully sustainable and at the same time linked to contemporary design taste, matching perfectly with both the cactus and the ancient stone statue and with the tempered glass of railings.

As for the boardwalks lining the perimeter canal, more than two kilometers of walkways between rows of trees, wooden colored fences and water are paved with Greenwood, drawing a discrete trait-d'union between natural elements and architectural fantasies let loose at full speed.

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Woodn Industries & Greenwood at Expo 2015
Interview with Arch. M. Padoan