Woodn & Greenwood at BAU 2015: a window on the international market
February 25th, 2015

Woodn Industries products stun attendees at BAU Munich 2015, Europe’s leading trade fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems

Once again, a large audience of architecture and interior design professionals – about 300,000 visitors – has gathered around the Bau Munich stands to learn about the new features offered by some 2,000 exhibitors from around the world.
During the six days of the fair, many flocked to the Woodn Industries booth. Woodn Industries is a leading Italian manufacturer of wood composite, bringing together for the first time Woodn and Greenwood, two of the most interesting and innovative brands in the global landscape of manufacturers of decking, sunscreen and interior/exterior coatings.

In the various fair’s booths many European, American and Chinese companies proposed solutions for decking and wood composite coatings, declined in various styles and with many different outcomes, thus proving that synthetic wood is not a passing and artificial trend but a new way of working on a building’s cladding, moving towards ecological and sustainable solutions.
Against this extremely dynamic landscape, Woodn Industries proposals stood for quality and Made in Italy refinements, supported by the authoritativeness of the collaborations initiated by the company with prestigious architectural firms all over the world.

Even the stand, designed by German architect Stefan Mauritz, stood out - despite its small size - in the context for the boldness of colors, the creativity of the design, the look of the materials presented.
Made with Greenwood’s decking and walls and Woodn Ornans backdrop coatings, the booth welcomed visitors at the long elliptical counter, a good representation of the highly appreciated thermoforming properties of Woodn profiles.

The BAU fair was also an occasion to present the Plug&Play project: a self-heating electrified modular outdoor decking, controlled by thermal sensors that program the supply of heat. Easy assembly, aesthetics, lack of maintenance, very low running costs are its main strengths. It’s ideal for hotels and restaurants terraces, wellness centers, housing and shelters in the mountains - where it can also ensure the automatic de-icing: a solution designed to be talked about in the coming years...
A brilliant idea as it is simple, and the public of the fair flocked around the Plug&Play mock up totem, showing an even higher interest than expected.

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