CityLife, Libeskind and Woodn: the wonder of modernity
December 18th, 2013

It all started at MADE 2009. On that occasion, the spark between Daniel Libeskind and Woodn popped, as Libeskind Architecture Studio in Milan was searching for convincing, durable and environmentally friendly materials for the CityLife project.
The entire apparatus of grids and external solar shading was crucial, due to its importance in the overall architectural design.
After many visits to the Company premises in Belluno, many customizations of the fixing systems and profiles finishing and many technical tests, Libeskind decided Woodn was the right partner.
Four years later, the eight Libeskind residences in the Citylife district (see news archive) prove that the famous architect had made ​​the right choice.

Today, the first five buildings between 5 and 13 storeys high are already completed and the first residents already live there. You can already get the brilliance of the overall project in full.
Just take a look by walking trough the central square: something between a zen garden, a plateau of Dolomites peaks and an upscale neighborhood created ​​for efficient, calm and hyper-tech twenty-first century life.
In here Woodn is not only solar shading and protection from view, an accessory to defend oneself from excessive light, but an integral part of the architectural form, perfectly complementary to the other components of the project design.
In fact, Architect Ghirardelli -head of the Studio office in Milan together with Lev Libeskind- tells us that in recent years the operative project has been upgraded to the potential of aesthetic performance and mounting capabilities of Woodn profiles. In fact also the substructures supports and the plank-ending-cap systems have been adapted to the request of wrapping - with absolute accuracy and precision -dihedron, edges and diagonals anything but regular.

In short, a result of product excellence, due both to the genius of the architect and to the constant cooperation between designers and Woodn Company, which worked in partnership with the Lombard Dallera Technologie, which designed and built the substructure mounting support.
The mounting of Woodn on the outside walls of the buildings, a true “vegetal” counterpoint to the marble modern edges of the walls, required 8 months of work of the fitting teams which were lifted by cranes up to heights of 30-40 mt in order to install supports and planks.
From October 2012 to June 2013 more than 30 km of Versatilis profiles were mounted with the same number of aluminum inside cores.

The success of CityLife is important because it performs at its the best (in preparation for Expo 2015) the Italian "know how" which master in matching aesthetics and technology, but also able to be in the front row on the international stage and win, with innovation and co-operation, the most interesting challenges set by the great architects and urban planners from all over the world.