Panama. At Expo Casa Cor 2013 Woodn enhances even the facilities areas
December 18th, 2013

Since 26 years Casa Cor is one of the most influential show of living design in Latin America, where you can admire ideas, technologies, new materials, and market trends. It is held every year during a month throughout Brazil, Peru, Chile, Panama, Argentina and other Latin American countries, and sets the extent of innovation, creativity, fashion and tendencies in interior design.
This year the exhibition of projects took place between August and September in Panama. The task to create and decorate all the different rooms of a house (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, service etc.) has been assigned to the best Panamanian architects and to the most interesting students in National Architecture Universities. The architects were asked to find inspiration in Hollywood myths: therefore luxury and eclecticism reinterpreted in a modern key.

The relevance of a project, at first sight secondary, won the award for interior design and innovation gaining the cover printing in the official magazine of Casa Cor 2013.
The jury chose the washing room entirely cladded by Woodn profiles, thanks to the natural but highly technological feeling conveyed by the overall design, where colours, plants, materials, finishes and furnishings delivered a strongly reminiscent of tropical vegetation, although there is no wood anywhere, because wood, as you know, does not cope well with humid environments...

This impression is based precisely on Woodn which covers all the walls in a rigorous 3D geometry with a groove prospective of brushed modulatus Q14520, with the built-in little sofa between the planks and the bicycle hanging, the ironing board close to the sink well inserted between the embossed geometric lines of ornans which is not afraid of water, moist heat, require no maintenance and is however so special, similar to wood timber but more functional, more advanced than wood itself. The space, planned with extreme rationality and enhanced by this new concept of walls and furniture in 3D, with no flat surfaces except where needed, is offered as multidimensional living space, versatile and highly innovative, not only as storeroom or facilities.

Once again, even on an international stage as prestigious as Casa Cor, the most creative architects and designers have used Woodn to give body to their best ideas... and hit the target! Woodn is well known as a highly functional material, versatile, innovative and effective in its flexibility of use. In two words: intelligent, and above all beautiful!