Woodn keeps riding in the Middle East
October 25th, 2013

We still don't know where we'll put the next "flag" on the great world map of innovative architecture, but these you see here are already an indisputable confirmation of the success of Woodn in the Middle East.

On July 17th, President Shimon Peres opened with great fanfare the new building that houses the Polonsky Academy for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at the Van Leer Institute, one of the more prestigious centers for analysis and social advancement in the world.

Peres, whose official residence is located next to the institute, cut the ribbon and then, while strolling around the building, expressed great appreciation for the architectural solutions and totally eco-friendly materials used, including the 3000 meters of Woodn profiles that wrap the main body of the building in a delicate network of solar shading. The ease of machining and assembly of profiles and substructures, the on-time delivery of materials and the absence of unforeseen events and non-conforming lots contributed to accelerate the timing of the work, allowing its perfectly on-time conclusion. The opening party continued until late at night, and through the rhythm of Woodn brise soleils the building has returned to the night the light received from the scorching Middle East summer day.

Meanwhile, in the heart of the ancient Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv, work has begun on a giant construction site from which four eight-story buildings with pools, spas and relax parks are rising.

These avant-garde style residences have been designed by one the greatest architects in the area: ILAN PIVKO. In creating the 4 FLORENTINE project, the architect has put the emphasis both on the ultra modern aesthetics and the practical and functional aesthetics. The Florentine neighborhood, built in the first decades of the 20th century, is now a trendy neighborhood which includes cafes and cultural centers.

"I created something that binds with the Florentine spirit. It's like Soho for young people, a new direction, a less formal and less conventional location. It's important to have the space surround us little by little in a pleasant way, so as to produce a subtle excitement in those who come to live there. The curves create a friendly effect, with the windows going from floor to ceiling."

It is therefore essential to have an effective mechanism for dosage of light and privacy: the brise soleils thus become a central issue of the aesthetics and functionality of the Florentine living thought. The whole Woodn idea fits rightly in this innovative project, based on creativity, elegance, good living and environmental sustainability. The construction of the brise soleil and ventilated façade are meant to cover up the buildings like a leopard's spots, creating a continuous flow of spaces and visions both day and night. As soon as he tested them, Architect Pivko recognized the potential for creativity, the versatility of use and ease of installation of the Woodn materials, thus deciding to have them involved in the external aesthetics of the buildings.

The Florentine project is quite a commitment for Woodn: 5000 sqm of expected coatings supply and 37.496 meters of profiles. It is expected that the complex will be operational in 2014.

In Lebanon, where destruction and reconstruction have been relentlessly alternating for decades, it's become increasingly important to build with low-cost recyclable materials that are not heavy for the environment.

Here are some pictures of two residential complexes for which architects and designers have chosen the Woodn profiles.