More in China: the ambitious Shanghai Yacht Club will be paved with Aeternus in open-to-public areas
June 27th, 2013

In Shanghai, by the famous futuristic district of Pudong, where the major business centres of Chinese modernity are located (see the famous tower of CCTV), the Nuolai Shi International Investment Group has appointed architect Jean Pierre Hiem for the construction of the magnificent Shanghai Yacht Club, a 6-storey building that will engage approximately 6,000 square meters on Binjiang Road along the Huangpu River.

To the French designer, Woodn was able to offer the solution to the eternal problem of outdoors paving material: to combine durability, sturdiness, wooden-like aesthetic and little or no maintenance. All this in a stylish and cool setting, but where moisture and salt are the masters...

It may sound like punning, but Hiem has chosen the AETERNUS profile by Woodn Industries, the DT13835 brushed finishing, which has already been tested in many installations over water environments always maintaining what its name promises, even after many years from installation.

For the time being, 7,208 mt. of profile were supplied, which, after nearly two months of installation works, will result in the flooring of the vast outdoor lounge bar of most elegant Yacht Club of the city.