Woodn and Linea Light: "Chameleonic Perspectives - Light Within Form"

April 4th, 2013

At the Milan “Salone del Mobile” the Linea Light Group will present a new poject carried out in collaboration Woodn Industries SRL “Chameleonic perspectives” Light within Form, an installation of led lights set into Woodn profiles which allows to enjoy a wide variety of mood lighting options, highlighting the various surrounding views and interiors according to the changing external light, from dawn till dusk.

This project represents the encounter of two innovative entities in the world of design and environmental sustainability. Lights within form is an idea dedicated to illuminated ventilated facade architecture and false ceilings, offering forms of interaction between light and Woodn profiles which can be modelled according to the most diverse architectural requirements.

In the installation created for the Salone del Mobile, the Hi-Flux Dropper, 3000K warm white lights are inserted directly into the profiles in such a way as to diffuse light from the inside, in particular using the Modulatus Th 14830 line – sanded white carrara colour and smooth lagorai colour, and the Versallies JF 7040 25x25 line - brushed cuba colour.

“Chameleonic perspectives” diffuses a warm and discreet light, an effect created with 34 elements of 50 cm and 18 elements of 100 cm for a total strip length of 64 metres. The use of the low voltage led Dropper light of the I-Lèd guarantees low costs for a soft luminous effect on the wall, even during the evening.

Woodn, aside from being totally recyclable, can be customized to all needs: the grain of the material, thanks to an exclusive production process, allows to process surfaces without modifying veins and colours, creating a warm and natural atmosphere possessing the feel and look of wood’s naturalness. Woodn offers a customized service, using the innovative capacities of its materials to capture the vitality of light.

Woodn Industries SRL and Linea Ligth Group share a common commitment for increasing the value of their projects through a system ensuring the environmental sustainability of their production process, made for the indoor in favour of the outdoor. And this is just one example of the limitless possibilities their partnership offers to the market.

We look forward to seeing you at EUROLUCE from April 9 to 14, 2013