Woodn "dresses up" the Marriott Hotel in Haikou
March 13th, 2013

In the city of Haikou, Hainan-Guangdong region, a new Marriot luxury resort designed by the famous architect Paul Liu, is now raising. Sunbow - the Woodn Industries Chinese branch - joined in the building process providing much of the interior and exterior cladding.

In such a complex project, Woodn was able to express the best of its ability, with a meticulous work of design and supervision, in building operational synergies with the most sophisticated and demanding international designers, which is still certainly not common in China, where subcontracting companies are almost always linked to know-how based on extemporization and inventiveness of individuals.

Woodn Industries CEO Roberto Chemello, declared: "This work represents the triumph of our support service to designers, an entirely new statement into Chinese market. In the context of China's building contractors, our engineers at Sunbow can express the most of their skills, studying with architects any structure able to respond to the mechanical characteristics imposed by the project and engineers, meet the aesthetic needs of the architectural concept and at the same time align with the customer’s budget. Is to this type of international purchasers, which we commit to in order to offer fast, creative and reliable answers. This is how we built our reliability "

On the other hand, the figures speak for themselves: a supply (and it is only the first!) of 180 linear km of profiles, approximately 10 containers; several months of shared design for a billionaire and ambitious project. But the real news is basically that no tree was cut down to produce the ‘technical woodwork’ necessary to a 5 star hotel of 80,000 sqm!

Woodn in fact, is well known for being a "technical wood" produced by recycled wood fibres from processing waste (chips that would otherwise be burned) and plastics materials.

This is a fine example of architecture able to combine luxury and eco-sustainable development.

The Woodn profiles used: 180180 TZ, TZ 6060, JF 70x40-25x25, 40x30 JF, JF5026A, JF 4030, LG3020, WIT 10004.


The 5-star hotel sets in as part of a typically Chinese natural environment mixing classical Chinese aesthetic elements with modern technological structures and services.

With 392 rooms, 3 restaurants, conference facilities, indoor tennis and spa, the Hotel is overlooking the west coast of Hainan island, in the Hainan province. Haikou is the business centre of the shopping district, touristic activities and residential high-end area.

Check out this work-in-progress gallery: