Woodn and the Libeskind buildings - CityLife

October 2nd, 2012

The CityLife Residences are located at the centre of the historic Trade Fair district in Milan. Once the whole Citylife project is finished, they will be immersed in a 160.000 sqm park set in the centre of one of Europe's largest pedestrian areas.

The Residences designed by Daniel Libeskind are on the south west side of the new CityLife district. They face east and north on the public park, south along Via Spinola, west of Viale Berengario.


Eight buildings, all-different from each other, with heights from 4 to 13 floors. A set arranged according to the classical courtyard model, segmented and reassembled to create an open scheme that puts each building in harmonious relationship with others and with the environment. Each building is unique and unrepeatable. All homes are designed in accordance with strict environmental and ecological criteria. The apartments are all different in size, overlooking and disposal. The balconies system generates - for each apartment - outdoor spaces of different depths and extensions. The interior spaces is open to the outside through large terraces, to be lived as real home environments. All apartments have large windows with views over the park and the surrounding areas. Quality materials, architectural features and dimensions ensure outstanding liveability.

Class A: all residences are certified in Class A, with clever installation choices and wise design features. Just like the facade materials, which provide thermal insulation, enabling significant savings in running costs; or the photovoltaic panels that reduce the power system energy consumption.


How is Woodn involved in this great project? The attached photos may well represent the aesthetic as well as the functional role of it, performed by grilled claddings in attics and penthouses, by sunshades on all the south façades and by external and internal coatings. Woodn has provided all external shading system, complete of Versatilis JF7040 profile, all coupling systems and the substructures of support. Woodn also planned the entire executive project from which the precise cutting plan of all components of the entire operation was plotted, allowing costs of scraps to be contained within an absolute negligible percentage.

Libeskind’s reputation cannot risk of being associated with anything less than excellent results. For anyone of his projects only safe materials are required, in order to guarantee high standards of aesthetics, durability & strength, and build quality according to technical specifications. Woodn, which has passed all tests with top-rate scores, is proud to be part of such a futuristic task: a real challenge to the natural limits of the materials.


The project is by Daniel Libeskind, member of Deconstructivism in American architecture, pioneer in architecture and urban design. Among his projects, to name few: the World Trade Center Site in New York, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen, the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester and the Denver Art Museum.

Check out this work-in-progress gallery:

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More info on this project: http://www.city-life.it.